The Stroud Area Residents Association (or SARA) was established in March 1993 in order to encourage social activities in the village, to improve the feeling of community and to act as a focus for matters of local interest. SARA works closely with the Parish Council on all village issues but with this specific focus on social activity and interaction. The association generally hold about 3 social functions a year ranging from summer barbecues to winter dances and quiz nights.

SARA has had a tradition of producing many helpful publications including The Stroud Handbook in 1996 and a welcoming piece that used to be delivered to all newcomers to the village.  The organisation was behind the production of the Stroud Village Design Statement in 2000 and the Local Agenda 21 environmental studies undertaken before and alongside. The Parish Plan utilises a lot of this information, updating and expanding it with the input of as many of the village as possible, co-ordinated by a specific Parish Plan Group that liaised closely with both Parish Council and SARA.

SARA has been central to initiatives to rebuild a Village Hall (unsuccessful to date but once again on the agenda in more modest form).

All villagers are automatically members of the association at no charge and the committee is a loose one, supported by many more who simply want to help out for specific activities.

We welcome you to contact us and join in. Details of current committee members are set out below. All phone numbers should be prefixed by Petersfield code 01730.

  • Charlie Rogers 266929
  • Lionel Fanshawe 260718
  • Jeremy Mitchell 267214
  • Glen Wellstead 260536
  • Oliver Howe 261280
  • Clinton Brown 260084