Update from Cala Homes

December update from Cala Home for Ramsdean Road development:

  • All perimeter and tree Protection fencing in place
  • Topsoil stripped and stored next to compound area
  • First 3 foundations dug and poured
  • Surface site water Protection bund in place to stop any contamination to water course, and monitored hourly during heavy rain and twice daily other times
  • Ongoing daily roadsweeps to keep roads clean, as at the moment the site is extremely wet and muddy
  • First 2 plots of foundation substructure blockwork in progress but the bricklaying is being held up due to heavy rain conditions
  • Received a letter of complaint last week from a resident, reference the position of the relocated salt bin, we have now moved it away from the stream wall to prevent children climbing on it and falling into the stream

Next update will be around the 4th January