Footpath Improvements

Two well used footpaths have undergone resurfacing around stiles and areas of high footfall, thanks to the co-operation of landowners and a District Councillor grant organised by Nick Drew (East Hants District Councillor).

Two stiles on Footpath 4 (where the ground had been significantly eroded, leaving the stiles awkwardly high) have received tarmac planings at their base, which has raised the ground level and provided much needed grip. Stroud Parish Council is very grateful to Colonel and Mrs Obbard for providing useful handrails, which are also helping walkers access the path.

Planings have been laid on parts of Footpath 703 to keep feet out of the mud. A work party is planned in the near future to spread more planings on wetter areas of this path.

The Parish Council approaches landowners for permission to undertake improvement works to footpaths on their land, and we are all very grateful to landowners whose co-operation and understanding in these matters enables us to do this.

If you have any issues to raise about Rights of Way around Stroud, please contact Ony Rogers (P266929,